This has been a strange Advent season so far.  The news has had some pretty sad stories, from the supposed end of the world (the Mayan calendar actually just resets like ours does, so don’t expect anything on Dec. 21st) to the prank phone call resulting in a suicide.  It seems to me that the world truly needs HOPE right now, which makes the job of Christians and the church quite important.

Advent is the season of hope.  We know the Christmas story; we know that Christmas is coming; and we know that Christ has already come into our world and lived among us.  Each year, we spend some time preparing the way for Christ to enter our lives.  We don’t “let” Christ in, but we can get things nice for the arrival.  This is the season that we remind ourselves that things will get better.

Our calling as Christians is to love God and serve Christ by serving the world.  This Advent, be a reminded to anyone who is in doubt or despair that they are not alone.  Our great hope is that Christ COMES to us, that we are not left alone to deal with our broken world.  Manifest that hope and be a loving and hopeful presence to those around you.  Serve them, love them, and give them hope, and you will be preparing the way of the Lord.