How do you feel during communion?  When you are actually receiving the body and blood of Christ, what is your emotional state?  Are you somber, remembering the radical sacrifice that Christ gave for our sins?  Are you joyful, taking part in the saving grace that is given to us through Christ?  Are you humbled, feeling the power of the omnipotent God focused on you in particular as you are reminded that these are given “FOR YOU?”

I ask this, because I have felt incredibly differently while receiving this gift at different times.  In my experience, the music during Eucharist really sets the emotional tone.  Quiet, reflective music often reminds me that this is a truly sacred time, when the gathered people remain respectfully quiet, taking their time to kneel around the altar.  But on Christmas Eve, I was distributing the bread, and Joy To the World was going full blast through the organ, and I could barely contain my excitement at sharing the holy meal with everyone in sight!  My joy was overflowing, and I’m sure I had a huge smile for everyone as they received the bread.

The Eucharist is a truly mysterious gift from God, that touches each person in a unique way.  How has God touched you in your life through this personalized, “FOR YOU” gift?