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LCHS Emmaus, PA

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Individual Support

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is offered to all our members at Holy Spirit. If someone in your family is ill, please call the church office so that their name is added to our prayer list, and so the pastoral staff is informed. Since most hospital stays are brief, many members are discharged before our pastoral staff can visit, so the family is advised to notify the church office at your earliest convenience when a family member is admitted. In the case of an emergency or family crisis, and it is after church office hours, you may obtain the pastors’ home phone numbers by dialing their extension after phoning the church, and listening to the outgoing message.

Parish Nurse/Educator

The Parish Nurse Educator is an extension of our Pastoral Care Ministry here at The Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit. The foci of the position are upon education, support and pastoral care. To coordinate our Pastoral Care efforts I meet with the pastors weekly discussing needs of members of the congregation. The Parish Nurse Educator is an advisory member of the Spiritual Support Team along with the pastors and trained lay persons.

The overall responsibilities of the Parish Nurse Educator include reaching out to individuals and families who are trying to cope with ongoing health situations and are in need of support. Much of the Parish Nurse Educator’s time is spent discussing health related questions posed by our members, distributing and discussing health information related to specific problems with which the individual and family are trying to deal.
Post acute illness follow-up is carried out by telephone calls and hand written notes which continues for months or years as deemed necessary by the Parish Nurse Educator.   The Parish Nurse Educator is available 24 hours seven days a week. You may contact me at home at any hour in an emergency. 
 Margaret Legenhausen, Parish Nurse Educator

Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain Ministry is comprised of many members at Holy Spirit who are willing to offer prayers of intersession  for others  When a person is in need of prayers or has a special prayer request, he/she notifies the church office or one of the people on the chain.  (Name published weekly in the church bulletin).  It is customary that when prayers are no longer needed, the requester let the chain know.  This ministry of prayer is open to all.  contact: info@holyspirit-emmaus.org

Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral counseling is available to all of our members. Please call the church office if you would like a pastor to respond to an immediate need, or to make an appointment.

Spirit Support Team

The Spirit Support Team (SST) is a group of trained volunteers who extend the pastoral care ministry of the Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit to families with specific and enduring needs. These include but are not limited to long term illnesses, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, substance abuse, and other life challenges. Confidentiality is strictly maintained within this group that meets regularly with the Associate Pastor and Parish Nurses, who serve as advisors to the Team. Please contact the church office to request SST support.