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Lent and Stewardship

The 40 days of Lent are a time for us to intentionally reflect on our relationship with God and others.  Lent can be viewed as a course in how to live a life as a disciple and as a steward of our God given gifts; our time, our talent and our treasure. It is typically a time when we consider making a sacrifice or “giving up” something.  Rather than solely “giving up” something during Lent why not also add something to your life or “take on” something new?  And…why not vary from day to day what you “give up” or “take on?”

During Lent and every day of our lives the church is calling us to live our lives as stewards of God’s gifts.  The following are daily suggestions for improving your stewardship during the coming weeks of Lent and preparing for the celebration of Easter.

What are you “taking on” or “giving up” for Lent?

Week One beginning with Ash Wednesday
Day 1 (Feb. 13):   Pray for your enemies
Day 2 (Feb. 14):   Get some exercise (e.g. take a walk)
Day 3 (Feb. 15):   Don’t turn on the car radio (including satellite radio)
Day 4 (Feb. 16):   Give $20 to a non-profit of your choosing

Week Two
Sunday Feb. 17
Day 5 (Feb. 18):    Consider a Lenten tithe or additional donation to the church
Day 6 (Feb. 19):    Look outside: find something of beauty you had not noticed before
Day 7 (Feb. 20):    Donate 5 items of clothing to Goodwill
Day 8 (Feb. 21):    No complaining today
Day 9 (Feb. 22):    Do someone else’s chore
Day 10 (Feb. 23):  Take 5 minutes of silence at noon

Week Three
Sunday Feb. 24
Day 11 (Feb.25):   Call an old friend
Day 12 (Feb. 26):  Pray the Paper (pray for people and situations in today’s news)
Day 13 (Feb. 27):  Read Psalm 139
Day 14 (Feb. 28):  Consider volunteering your time and talent at church
Day 15 (March 1): Take you own mug to the coffee shop; avoid another throw-away cup
Day 16 (March 2): Educate yourself about a current event

Week Four
Sunday March 3
Day 17 (March 4): Forgive someone
Day 18 (March 5): Internet diet
Day 19 (March 6): Change one light in your house to a compact florescent
Day 20 (March 7): Check out God Pause Daily Devotions
Day 21 (March 8): Ask for help
Day 22 (March 9): Tell someone what you are grateful for

Week Five
Sunday March 10
Day 23 (March 11):  Introduce yourself to a neighbor or someone new at work, school, or in the congregation
Day 24 (March 12):  Read Psalm 121
Day 25 (March 13):  Make something homemade
Day 26 (March 14):  No shopping day (Yes that does include on-line shopping)
Day 27 (March 15):  Take time to read
Day 28 (March 16):  Light a candle

Week Six
Sunday March 17
Day 29 (March 18):  Practice ministry in daily life
Day 30 (March 19):  Invest in reusable shopping bags
Day 31 (March 20):  Smile a lot
Day 32 (March 21):  Surprise someone by buying them coffee or a treat.
Day 33 (March 22):  Read John 8:1-11 
Day 34 (March 23):  Encourage a child

Week Seven
Sunday March 24
Day 35 (March 25):  Support the Angel Network
Day 36 (March 26):  No sugar day – where else is there sweetness in your life?
Day 37 (March 27):  Learn how to do something new
Day 38 (March 28):  Buy some flowers
Day 39 (March 29):  Pray for peace
Day 40 (March 30):  Decide which of these exercises you will keep for good