Contacts For Our Ministries

2019 Congregation Council Members

Mark Binkley                     Mark Blower

Rick Doty                          Kathy Everlet

Dianne Justesen               Sue Mathieu

Chris McGrath                   Nina McNally

Molly Olzsewski                 Denise Rohrbach

Mark Stanziola                  Bob Stevens

Council – Executive Committee

President: Bob Stevens

Vice President: Mark Stanziola

Secretary: Nina McNally

Member at Large: Mark Blower

Treasurer: Deb Stevens

Financial Secretary: Pam Harshey

Faith Formation for Children

Convener:  Terri Lehr

Staff Liaison:  Karin Kahler

Council Liaison:  Kathy Everleth

Bible Bags: Angie Tobey

Coord. of Nursery Caregivers:  Nancy Anderson

Nursery School Director:  Karin Kahler

Nursery School Board:

Louise Davis, Sally Roth, Amy Grubb, Heather Caricari, Corinne Fillman, Kadie Smith

Vacation Bible School:

Pastor Spencer, Pete and Marian Schneck

Faith Formation for Adults

Convener: Deacon Jane Elliott

Staff Liaison:  Deacon Jane Elliott

Council Liaison:  Dianne Justesen

Pastoral Ministry:  Deacon Jane & Pastor Ric

Pastoral Shawl Ministry: Pat Mattes

New Member Ministry: Deacon Jane Elliott

Center for Faith and Life:  John Mosovsky

Seniors: Renee Wetherhold

Stewardship Mission Team

Convener: Lorie Stout Sherman

Staff Liaison: Pastor Ric

Council Liaison:  Jeff Hartman

Outreach Mission Team

Convener:   Bob Mueller

Staff Liaison:  Pastor Ric

Council Liaison:  

Benevolence Budget Action Group: 

EHS Angel Network: Debbie Hartman, Deb Walsh

Food and Shelter Assistance Coordinator: Diane McMenamin

Ingathering:  Diane McMenamin

World Hunger:  Bob Mueller

Project Help:  Chris Carter

LDR Mission:  Bob Mueller

Global Mission:  Rick and Ruth Doty

Food Bank:  Diane McMenamin

Staff Support Mission Team

Convener:  John Letts

Staff Liaison:  Pastor Ric

Council Liaison:  Mark Stanziola

Mutual Ministry Action Group

Pam Harshey, George Kirchner John Letts, David Nash, Mary Jo Serfass, Leesa Wimmer

Worship Mission Team

Convener:  Susan Smith

Staff Liaison:  Pastor Ric, Sharon MacCabe, Deacon Jane Elliott

Council Liaison:  Sue Mathieu

Wedding Committee Coordinator:  Linda Devine

Church Decorating :  Robbie Flynn

Director of Music:  Sharon MacCabe

Director of Liturgy:  Deacon Jane Elliott

Worship Planners:

 Pastor Ric, Deacon Jane, Sharon MacCabe

Worship Schedulers:

Acolytes, Crucifers:  Dianna Olszewski

Altar Guild:  Cindy Hastings, Terry Hinderliter

Assisting Ministers:  Doreen Micheletti

Communion Assistants:  Jackie Leipert

Readers:  Marcey Binkley

Ushers:  Brenda Truhe, Jim Madara

Greeters:  Ava Killingsworth

Delivery of Altar Flowers: Sue Smith

Blessing of the Animals:  John Mosovsky

Rejoicing Spirits:

Janet Coe, Pastor Spencer


IT Mission Team

Convener: John Letts

Staff Liaison: Chris Carter

Council Liaison:  Chris McGrath

Church Staff

Senior Pastor: Pastor Ric Elliott

Associate Pastor: Pastor Spencer Steele

Intern: Vicar Tami Reichley

Director of Music: Sharon MacCabe

Director, Liturgy and Faith Formation For Adults: Deacon Jane Elliott

Director, Faith Formation For Children: Karin Kahler

Director, Holy Spirit Nursery School: Karin Kahler

Office Manager: Nikki Clark

Director of Finance: Sherilyn Scheetz

Property Manager: Chris Carter

Parish Nurse and Health Educator: Edie Gliem

Church Sexton: Michael Roeder

Church Growth Mission Team

Convener: Rob Smith

Staff Liaison:  Pastor Ric

Council Liaison:  Mark Blower

Greeters:  Ava Killingsworth

New Member Ministry: Deacon Jane,  Pastor Ric

Fellowship and Hospitality Action Team      

Kitchen Cleaning:  Elaina Rishel, Fern Schlegel

Special Events:  Tena Rapp, Lisa Walton

Summer Breakfasts/Baking:  Barb Roba

Sunday Morning Coffee:  Linda Devine

Funeral Ministry: Debbie Hartman

Street Sign:

Catechism: Pastor Spencer

Marian and Pete Schneck, Kristin Ervin, Adam & Christine Fermier

Catechetics Camp:  Pastor SpenColby Enck, Barry Molnar, Robin Schuster, Tom Walsh

Faith Formation for Youth and Young Adults

Convener:  Pastor Spencer

Staff Liaison: Pastor Spencer

Council Liaison:  Nina McNally

Youth Reps: Molly Olszewski

Senior High SS: Bill Smith, Angie Tobey

Project Help:  Chris Carter

College Connections: Diane McMenamin

Vacation Bible School: Karin Kahler

Member Care Mission Team

Convener: Pastor Ric

Staff Liaison:  Pastor Ric

Council Liaison:  Denise Rohrbach

Stephens Ministry:

Bill & Fran Derhammer, Kitti & Mike Berkheimer

Prayer Chain:  Church Office

Delivery of Altar Flowers:  Sue Smith

Parish Nurse: Edie Gliem

Health Ministry Team:  Edie Gliem

Outreach and Support:  Barb Roba

Eucharistic Ministers:

Edie Gliem, Judith Brndjar, Yvonne Gilbert, Marlene Feulner, Joan Gibney, Barb Roba, Louise Metka

Resources for Ministry

Staff Liaison:  Pastor Ric, Chris Carter, Sherilyn Scheetz

Council Liaison: Rick Doty, Mark Binkley

Financial Secretary:  Pam Harshey

Treasurer:  Deb Stevens

Assistant Treasurer; Payroll:  Wilbur Kemp

Property Action Team:

Convener: Mike Epperly

Staff Liaison: Chris Carter

Council Liaison: Jeff Hartman

Background Clearances for Volunteers: Fred Schlerf

Endowment Action Group (Memorial)

Convener: Rick Slimmer

Staff Liaison:  Pastor Ric

Council Liaison: Jeff Hartman

Trustees:  Rick Slimmer, Richard Micheletti, Barry Molnar

Adult Group Activities:

Center For Life and Faith

Convener:  John Mosovsky

Staff Liaison:  Deacon Jane Elliott

Prime Timers:

Convener: Renee Wetherhold

Worship and Bible Study

Convener:  Deacon Jane

Table Talk

Convener:  Pastor. Ric

Circles of Friends:

Convener: Patti Bisbing, Jen Day Roth

Fly-to-ABE Book Energy:

Convener: Deacon Jane

Stitch and Chat:

Convener:  Linda Letts, Kathy Schuessler

Knitting In Faith:

Convener:  Pat Mattes

M&M, Too:

Convener: Vi Ballard, Elizabeth Moessner

New Beginnings:

Convener: Chris Carter