Contacts For Our Ministries

2024 Congregation Council Members

Katie Bashus           Mike Berkheimer   

Dean Black              Bob Bolen

Michelle Borzok-George   

Faye Casciano        Mike Epperly             

Kristin Ervin            Sue Mathieu             

Bob Mueller            John Osenbach          

Rob Sandoval         Hannah S.

Council – Executive Committee

President: Mike Berkheimer

Vice President: Kristin Ervin

Secretary: Michelle Borzok-George

Member at Large: Rob Sandoval


Deb Stevens

Financial Secretary

Terri Hinderliter

Faith Formation for Children

Convener:  Leigh-Anne Wimmer

Staff Liaison:  Karin Kahler

Council Liaison:   Michelle Borzok-George

Vacation Bible School: Karin Kahler

Coord. of Nursery Caregivers:  Nancy Anderson

Nursery School Director:  Karin Kahler

Nursery School Board:

Adam Glose, Amy Grubb, Leigh-Anne Wimmer, Melissa Rivera, Kaitlynn Ropars

Faith Formation for Adults

Staff Liaison: Amber Coe, Pastor Cindy Camp

Council Liaison:  Faye Casciano

Coffee, Tea, Connect: 

Circle of Friends:  Pattie Bisbing

LCHS Book Group:  Carol Osenbach

M&M’s Too: Vi Ballard, Elizabeth Moessner

Prime Timers (Seniors): Renee Wetherhold

Stewardship Mission Team

Convener: Mike Berkheimer

Council Liaison: Bob Mueller

Staff Liaison: Pastor Wimmer

Outreach Mission Team

Convener:  John Mosovsky

Staff Liaison:  Pastor Tami 

Council Liaison:  Dean Black

Benevolence Budget Action Group:  Bob Mueller

Evangelism Team:  John Mosovsky

EHS Angel Network: Deb Walsh

        Food Bank Garden: Carole Wetherhold, John Mosovsky, Jeff Gross

Food and Shelter Assistance Coordinator: Carole Wetherhold, Brenda Truhe

Ingathering:  Alice Mudge

World Hunger:  Bob Mueller

LDR Mission:  Bob Mueller

Global Mission:  Rick and Ruth Doty

Staff Support Mission Team

Convener: Nina McNally

Staff Liaison:  Pastor Wimmer

Council Liaison:  Kristin Ervin

Worship Mission Team

Convener:  Susan Smith

Staff Liaison:  Pastor Cindy, Deacon Melanie Werley

Council Liaison: Bob Bolen

Wedding Committee Coordinator:  Linda Devine

Church Decorating :  Robbie Flynn

Director of Music:  Sharon MacCabe

Director of Liturgy:  Deacon Melanie Werley

Worship Schedulers:

Altar Care: Terri Hinderliter, Carol Osenbach

Assisting Ministers: Linda Devine

Communion Assistants:  Jackie Leipert

Readers:  Marcey Binkley

Ushers and Greeters:  Brenda Truhe

Blessing of the Animals:  John Mosovsky, Pastor Cindy

  Rejoicing Spirits:  Janet Coe, Kristen Newill

Technology Mission Team

Convener: John Letts

Staff Liaison: 

Council Liaison:  Katie Bashus

Web Site: John Letts, Nikki Clark

Server: Paul Bashus

PCs:  John Letts

Shepherd’s Staff: Mark Casciano


 Church Staff

Interim Senior Pastor: Pastor Mark Wimmer

Associate Pastor: Pastor Tami Reichley

Interim Associate Pastor: Pastor Cindy Camp

Director of Music: Sharon MacCabe

Director of Liturgy:  Deacon Melanie Werley

Director, Faith Formation For Children: Karin Kahler

Director, Holy Spirit Nursery School: Karin Kahler

Operation Manager: Nadine Hohe

Office Manager: Nikki Clark

Church Sexton: Kelly Dean

Faith Community Nurse and Health Educator:  Dean Black

Church Growth Mission Team

Convener: Victor Schmidt

Staff Liaison:  Pastor Tami

Council Liaison: Rob Sandoval

New Member Ministry: Pastor Tami, Lorie Stout Sherman, Nikki Clark

Fellowship and Hospitality Action Team      

Kitchen Cleaning:  Elaina Rishel, Fern Schlegel

Special Events: Linda Devine

Funeral Ministry: Linda Devine

Street Sign: Chris Carter

Faith Formation for Youth and Young Adults


Staff Liaison: Amber O’Brien, Pastor Cindy

Council Liaison:  Hannah S., Sue Mathieu

Youth Reps:  Hannah S.

Catechism: Kristin Ervin

Catechetic Camp:  Amber O’Brien

Senior High SS: Bill Smith

College Connections: Nina McNally

Member Care Mission Team

Staff Liaison:  Pastor Tami

Bloomin’ Faith:  Lisa Walton, Leesa Wimmer

Prayer Chain:  Church Office

Pastoral Ministry:  Pastor Wimmer, Pastor Tami, Pastor Cindy, Dean Black

Stephens Ministry: Pastor Tami, Kitti & Mike Berkheimer, Lynn Snyder

Eucharistic Ministers:  Dean Black, Marlene Feulner, Marilee Oplinger, Joan Gibney, Louise Metka, Barb Roba, Mary Vink, Sheila Huff

Prayer  Shawl Ministry: Pat Mattes

       Stitch-n-Chat: Linda Letts

Health Ministry Team:  Dean Black

Resources for Ministry

Staff Liaison:  Pastor Wimmer, Nadine Hohe

Council Liaison: Mike Epperly

Financial Secretary:  Terri Hinderliter

Treasurer:  Deb Stevens

Property Action Team:

Convener: Mike Epperly

Council Liaison: John Osenbach

Background Clearances for Volunteers:  Jim Duggan

Endowment Action Group (Memorial)

Convener: Mark Casciano

Staff Liaison:  Pastor Wimmer

Council Liaison: Mike Epperly

Trustees:  Mark Casciano, Rick Doty, Tim Wotring

Adult Group Activities:

Prime Timers:

Convener: Renee Wetherhold

Circles of Friends:

Convener: Pattie Bisbing

LCHS Book Group: Carol Osenbach

Stitch and Chat:

Convener:  Linda Letts

M&M’s Too:

Conveners: Vi Ballard, Elizabeth Moessner