Annual Congregational Meeting

Our Annual Meeting of the Congregation is scheduled for Sunday, February 6, 2022 at 11:30 am in the Worship Center.  We will be voting on several important topics, so all members are encouraged to attend.  You can also join us on Zoom:

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Holy Spirit is an ELCA, Reconciling In Christ and Rejoicing Spirits congregation.

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Nursery School

Our mission is to provide, for each child, social and academic learning within a core of Christian values.

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Shelter For The Savior Drive

Our Shelter for the Savior Drive in support of our Lutheran mission in Tanzania has kicked off.  This is an opportunity to support The Plaster House in its efforts to help children suffering from correctable conditions and disabilities.  You can click below to learn more about how you can contribute to this on-going mission.

Learn More About Shelter For The Savior

Lutheran Disaster Relief For Haiti

Lutheran Disaster Relief is cooperating with partner organizations to provide assistance for the people of Haiti, who have suffered from both earthquakes and storms.  We are providing food, water, medical supplies and shelter, all of which are desperately needed.  You can support Lutheran Disaster Relief’s efforts by contributing through any of our congregation’s stewardship avenues.

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