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Ministries of Caring at Holy Spirit

The Gospel of Jesus Christ calls us to give and to receive ministry from one another in and as the body of Christ.  The following ministries are some of the ways we try to fulfill this call.

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Pastoral Care And Counseling

Pastoral Care is an integral part of our congregation’s support for its members and is offered to all. If someone in the family is ill a member need only call the office to ensure the ill individual is added to our prayer list and our staff is informed.  Our staff visits ill members in the hospital or home.

In the case of an emergency or family crisis, and after church office hours, you can reach a pastor by calling the church’s phone number.  Listen to the message and select option #3 to reach a pastor on call.

Similarly, pastoral counseling is also available to our members.  Those interested in counseling need only contact our office (610-967-2220) for a pastor to respond to immediate needs or to schedule an appointment.

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Special Pastoral Services


In Baptism, God makes us members of the community of faith, the Church. Baptisms are celebrated in the context of congregational worship so that the family of faith can receive support and welcome new members in Christ. Baptism dates are set in advance for each year, so please contact the church office to confirm when the next baptismal Sunday is and to make arrangements for the member of your family to be baptized.


A Christian wedding is, like all liturgies of the Church, a service of praise and worship of God for all that God has given us. The marrying couple are married, not off by themselves, but in the presence of God in a worshiping community which supports them in their life together. We ask that you keep this in mind as you plan your wedding.  Contact the church office to make arrangements with one of our pastors and to check availability.  For more information and policies contact the church office for a copy of “Guidelines for Weddings.”


Upon the death of a loved one, Holy Spirit provides Christian funeral services. People desiring to schedule a funeral service should include the church office (610) 967-2220 or one of the pastors among the first calls you make. We want to support you in your loss. Our Pastors will meet with you and your family to discuss funeral arrangements and to help you with any related details.

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Prayer Chain

If you are in need of prayerful support, please send the following
information to: prayerchain@holyspirit-emmaus.org, or call the church
office 610-967-2220.

  • Your Name
  • Your email address / phone number
  • Is this request for you or your immediate family?
  • If not, do you have the person’s permission to post this request?
  • Should we use your name when forwarding the request to the prayer chain members?
  • The details of the request or situation needing prayer
  • Can the prayer request be posted in Holy Happenings?

If you would like to be on the prayer chain to pray for others, please
submit your email address to the church office, either by calling
610-967-2220, ext. 101, or sending your email address to:
prayerchain@holyspirit-emmaus.org.  If you would like to be a part of the prayer chain but you do not have an email address, please give us your phone number and you will be included as a telephone participant of the prayer chain.

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Health Ministry

Our health ministry is in place to enrich and support our congregational and community families’ spiritual, mental, and physical well-being.  The Faith Community Nurse (FCN) is a registered nurse who is part of the pastoral care team to serve as a holistic health educator supported by the healing ministry of Christ.  The FCN serves as a member and liaison to the Health Ministry Team, is a Eucharistic Minister, and serves as coordinator for the Eucharistic Ministry Team.  The FCN is available as a resource for anyone needing health-related support and questions, home or hospital visits, and guidance in times of need.

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