Vacation Bible School Permission For Minors

This form is for registering a child for the Lutheran Church of The Holy Spirit Vacation Bible School scheduled for XXXXXXXXXXX from 9:15am-12:00pm. The registration fee is $15 per child ($40 maximum per family). Please complete this form on-line and then press "Submit".  The completed form will be emailed to you.  Print and sign the email and submit it to the church office. At the end of this form you have the option to remit your fees through our secure on-line payment supplier. Alternatively, to manually print and complete this document, Then submit the document along with your check to the church office. Indicate "VBS 2020" in the check's memo field.

Must be age 3 by December 2019 and toilet trained
(similar age)
Parents: The success of VBS at the Lutheran Church of The Holy Spirit depends on volunteers. We would appreciate your help with VBS. Please indicate your preferences below.

Medical Liability Release

In the event of sickness or some medical emergency,I request that my child receive any medical attention or treatment deemed necessary. Therefore I give permission to any hospital, and/or health provider to transport, treat and/or admit for care my child. I understand that I am responsible for all expenses and charges for the treatment and care of m child. In the event that I am not present at the time of the emergency or cannot be contacted, my child’s care has been entrusted to the staff and dedicated ministry leadership of the Lutheran Church of The Holy Spirit.

After you have completed this form and clicked "Submit", a completed form will be sent to you as an email. Please sign the completed form and return it to the church office. If any remittance is required, you can include a check to The Lutheran Church of The Holy Spirit, or you can make any desired payment securely on-line by clicking below. If you include a check please indicate "VBS 2020" in the memo field.