Holy Spirit Labyrinth

The labyrinth pattern is centuries old and has been walked by millions of people from many cultures. A labyrinth is not a maze. It is not a puzzle designed to trick or fool you. It is a path to be trusted and is designed to lead you. The labyrinth is a special pathway set aside for reflection, self-examination, prayer, behavior modification or the development of new behaviors. The rhythm of walking, of placing one foot in front of the other; empties the mind, relaxes the body and refreshes the spirit. Walking a labyrinth is a very personal endeavor.


The Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit now has a labyrinth. If you represent a group in the congregation wishing to use the labyrinth please complete and submit the Holy Spirit Labyrinth Request form. You will receive confirmation that the request form has been received and will be contacted regarding your request. The second form, the Holy Spirit Labyrinth Use Report, is to be completed following the use of the labyrinth.

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The labyrinth is sponsored by the Stewardship Mission Team.